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In the wake of local campus closures, we know that there are many students who are facing an uncertain future when it comes to their educational journey—that’s why we’re partnering with educational institutions, like JFKU, to help their students find their path to completion. At Alliant, we specialize in preparing students for careers of impact. We believe that education is the great equalizer and, when paired with purpose, it can transform the world. So, we would love nothing more than to help you complete your educational journey and help you start making your impact in your communities.

Earn Your Juris Doctorate (JD) at SFLS

Founded in 1909, the San Francisco Law School (SFLS) has been preparing its students to become California’s next great attorneys for the past 110 years, and has been continuously accredited by the California State Bar since 1927— the year the State Bar was founded. Since then, SFLS has been at the forefront of JD education, and today remains the oldest evening law school in the Western U.S. and is one of the largest producers of female attorneys in California. SFLS has produced alumni such as Former California Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy, Former California State Senator Milton Marks, and Hons. Lynn O’Malley Taylor, Eugene Krum, and Merle Eaton—and these are just a few of the names that have passed through SFLS’ doors. Now, we at Alliant International University invite you to become the next name on this long list of innovators, policy makers, and impactful alumni that have received their education at SFLS. Learn more about SFLS and how you can start your path toward a JD today.

San Francisco Law School Program locations:

San Diego

San Francisco

Transfer Q&A

What do SFLS summer internship programs look like?

SFLS offers up to three credits for any internship/externship a student is accepted into. A student may receive up to six total credits for various internship experiences. In order to receive internship credit a student does need to pay the tuition for the credits they will be receiving for the internship. At the current time SFLS does not have an internship placement program.

Can SFLS accommodate June 1st start for our internships to count?

Can we register for our internships with you in order to get units on the books and money in the door?

Summer semester starts on June 1. Therefore, any student who already has an internship may enroll in the appropriate internship course to receive credit for the summer semester.

What does your moot court look like?

SFLS has a two credit Moot Court course that is required to be taken by all students. SFLS also now offers a Moot Court Competition Team course that can be taken in the fall of students 3L year (part time of full time program). The course is a three credit elective and students participate in at least one competition at the end of the course (COVID 19 may impact the offering of competitions).

Can you accommodate full time/day program?

If there is a sufficient number of cohort students who transfer to SFLS requesting a full time/day program SFLS will offer it. However, if there is not a sufficient number of cohort students who transfer then this program will not be offered. Students may always apply and transfer into SFLS’ evening based, part time program.

Will all of our units transfer?

No. All units will not transfer. A transfer agreement has been created by JFKU and SFLS that outlines the core courses that may be transferred. SFLS will accept a minimum of seven elective units as transfer units to meet its required elective units needed in order to earn a J.D. Additional elective units may be transferred to SFLS if it is determined that the elective course taken at JFKU is equivalent to a core course at SFLS.

What are the unit graduation requirements?

How many elective units are required for graduation?

To earn a JD a student must complete 87 total units consisting of 80 core course units, and 7 elective course units.

What limit, if any is there on the number of units that can be transferred?

The transfer agreement established between JFKU and SFLS will answer this question.

What is the cut-off, grade wise, between having units carry over and having to retake the course?

The State Bar of California Guidelines for Accredited Law Schools governs what courses may transfer between law schools. Rule 5.7(A)(2) states, “Credit may be granted only for courses in which the applicant received a grade at the good standing level or higher from the awarding law school.”

Does SFLS offer merit scholarships?

Yes. SFLS Scholarships are available to transfer students as they are still considered new students. Please speak to our Admissions Counselor, Scott Louie, if you are interested in learning more about these scholarships.

What about international students?

SFLS does accept international students. Any international students that wish to transfer and have questions about how COVID 19 has affected international students should contact Alliant International University’s International Student Department.

What are the plans for the other years of our education there?

SFLS requires that students complete 87 units, including seven elective units, in order to earn a J.D. This requirement will remain for all JFKU students that transfer to SFLS. A Pathway to Graduation Plan will be created for each student to ensure the most efficient path to graduation. This plan is reviewed and updated by Student Advisors with each student each semester.

What would our projected graduation date be?

JFKU students transferring to SFLS can expect to graduate in the same time that they would have graduated at JFKU. However, this can change due to a number of circumstances different to each student.

A Pathway to Graduation Plan will be created for each student upon approval of their transfer admissions. This should be reviewed with a Student Advisor and will give you an exact graduation date.

What services do you offer to students with accommodations/ learning disabilities?

The University provides access to facilities, services and programs in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The University will provide reasonable accommodations for students who present appropriate documentation. Students may request accommodations from the Office of Accessibility as soon as they have an identified need. For more information, visit the Office of Accessibility Services or contact Amber Eckert, Vice President of Student Services at amber.eckert@alliant.edu or 858-635-4535.

Do you have required service hours to graduate, i.e. clinics?


What courses/programs you offer, to prepare students for the bar exam?

The final courses that a student takes at SFLS are all Bar Exam preparation courses. These courses include; Advanced Legal Reasoning 1 & 2, Advanced Legal Writing, MBE 1 and MBE Bar Skills. SFLS also pays for a Bar Preparation course through BARBRI for every graduating student. Students also have access to Westlaw and BARBRI study aids for six months after graduation.

Degree Highlights

→ Baby Bar

Many SFLS students studying our JD Degree in California are often exempt from the requirement to sit for and pass the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, also known as the “Baby Bar.”

→ Part-time Scheduling

Our JD Degree Program offers a part-time format to provide more options and greater flexibility to our students. Regardless if you choose part-time or full-time, students studying JD law in San Diego or San Francisco will gain hands-on experience and learn a variety of criminal law skills through a challenging curriculum.

→ Varied Course Offerings

We will thoroughly prepare you to take on the subjects explored within the Bar exam, which include federal, criminal, property, civil, and financial law.

I truly believe the professors at SFLS are world-class instructors and dignified attorneys, and as such, they are the best role models a law student can have.

Jeryl Wilford SFLS Alumnus

Please note that not all programs are available at every campus, online, or to residents of every state. Alliant International University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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