Mental Health Scholars Academy Fall 2022 Cohorts

Congratulations on taking the next step towards your future career goals.

Make Your Impact with a Graduate Degree in Psychology

By 2028, it’s projected that California will experience a critical shortage in behavioral health professionals, which means the demand for mental health professionals will grow rapidly in the coming years. You really can make a difference in people’s lives and advance your career with a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy or Clinical Counseling.

Why Choose Alliant International University?

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University is a pioneer in the field, with a 50-year legacy of educating behavioral health professionals. We provide hands-on experience, knowledgeable faculty members, and clinical practice that prepare you to succeed as a mental health professional and advocate. Cultural competency is at the core of CSPP's programs, with a focus on the understanding of and respect for the diversity of human relationships. We emphasize sensitivity and acceptance of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, instilling a respect for human diversity and a mature personal and professional identity. Throughout your program you’ll learn ways to stay current with professional knowledge and practice in order to make a positive difference for clients and society. Program goals are aligned with the four pillars of our culture:

  • Practice: You’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to competently deliver services as a mental health professional.
  • Diversity: You’ll study with a diverse student population to prepare you to meet the needs of diverse communities.
  • Community: You’ll engage in various communities through the application of the knowledge and skills learned during your program.
  • Scholarship: You’ll add to the growing scholarship for mental health professionals.

CSPP’s programs have a long and storied history of faculty that have passed through its doors to relay their knowledge to a new generation of mental health professionals and advocates. For the last 50 years, CSPP programs have worked to produce some of the best practitioners and some of the most-respected thought leaders in the field of psychology.

Clinical Psychology Program location: → San Francisco Bay Area/SFBYLos Angeles

MFT Program locations: → Online (MA)Irvine (MA)Los Angeles (MA)Sacramento (MA)San Diego (MA)

Clinical Counseling Program locations: → Online (MA)Fresno (MA)

Clinical Psychology PsyD Program Highlights

A dedicated program advisor will reach out and provide to you with a Voucher Code to waive your application fee after you begin your application.

→ Accreditation

Our APA accredited Clinical PsyD Program provides the education, training, skills, and knowledge needed to work in mental health.

→ Scholarship Paired with Practice

Our PsyD programs are unique in that they balance a focus on research with hands-on practice. Through our APA accredited program, you'll gain the academic knowledge you need, while also learning valuable interpersonal skills.

→ Internship and Practicum

With our clinical psychology program, you’ll receive all the training and education you’ll need to make a difference in the health and well-being of our citizens. CSPP is committed to providing our students with the extensive academic preparation for, and focus on, the practicum and internship opportunities that will help you move your career forward.

→ Program Features

The PsyD degree program in San Francisco offers two academic tracks. These academic tracks build upon the foundational elements of the program, allow students to focus their studies in an area that interests them, and helps students to better prepare for their future professional roles.

  • Child and Family Psychology (C/FT)
  • Integrated Health Psychology

→ Meaningful Research

In the second year, students begin working on a clinical dissertation, a major research project that demonstrates the ability to think critically about clinical and social issues and to make appropriate use of scientific knowledge and psychological research in professional practice.

MFT MA & PsyD Program Highlights

Ready to apply? Use voucher code KAISER2022 to waive your $65 application fee.

→ COAMFTE-Accreditation

Alliant is one of only nine on-campus COAMFTE-accredited MA MFT programs in the state of California.

→ Online Master's Program

Our Master’s in MFT is offered completely online and is one of only five online programs in the nation to be COAMFTE-accredited.

→ Hands-on Training

Get hands-on training through 500 hours of direct client contact—leaving you prepared for practice from the moment graduate.

→ Service and Investment

Get up to $50,000 of loan reimbursement from the National Health Services Corps in exchange for two years of work in an underserved area.

→ Cultural Competency

Our MFT program has cultural competency at its core, and consistently graduates culturally and linguistically qualified mental-health professionals.

→ Compelling Coursework

Through your program, you will explore courses like: Parent-Child Therapy, Psychopharmacology, and many more. (Course offerings and sequence are subject to change.)

Clinical Counseling MA Program Highlights

Ready to apply? Use voucher code KAISER2022 to waive your $65 application fee.

→ Credential Preparation

This master’s program aims to prepare you to receive your California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) credentials by top mental health professionals. We do our part to ensure you have gained all the tools you need to become a licensed professional counselor to kick start your career.

→ Online or Onground in Fresno

With our accredited Clinical Counseling program, you’ll get hands-on training through your internship of supervised practice that will arm you with the skills to treat both individuals and groups. Over the course of the Clinical Counseling program, a total of 700 hours of experience is earned, with a minimum of 280 hours under direct supervision and guidance. This provides our students a great amount of hands-on experience that any aspiring mental health counselor should receive.

→ Hands-on Training

Get hands-on training through 500 hours of direct client contact—leaving you prepared for practice from the moment graduate.

Meet Your Admissions Counselors
Your dedicated Admission Counselor will answer any of your questions and assist you through every step of the admissions process.

-Jody Morgan


Clinical Psychology PsyD On-ground

Emeryville (SFBY)

Rachelle Chaturabul


Clinical Psychology PsyD On-ground

Los Angeles

Blake Bascone

858-635-4015 x4018

MFT MA/ Clinical Counseling MA Online

Jeff De Berry

MFT MA/PsyD On-ground

Irvine Los Angeles Sacramento San Diego

Marissa Robles

415-955-2094 x8655

Clinical Counseling MA On-ground


Brittany Woolsey

858-635-4015 x4546

MFT MA/Clinical Counseling MA Online

Phillip Dietz

858-635-4015 ext. 4825

MFT MA/Clinical Counseling MA Online

I chose Alliant because they are COAMFTE-accredited and degree portability was really important to me. My experience through the masters and doctoral MFT programs has not only prepared me to be a therapist, but also to be an advocate for my clients, and for the MFT profession as a whole.

Nicole Sabatini Gutierrez MFT MA and PsyD Alumna

Please note that not all programs are available at every campus, online, or to residents of every state. Alliant International University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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