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WSCUC Reaffirmation 2019-20

Offsite Review


Offsite Review (OSR)

The Offsite Review (OSR) was completed on November 19, 2019. The review of Alliant information resulted in the Lines of Inquiry – areas of additional focus, exploration and evidence-gathering – for the Accreditation Visit.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

a. Institutional Sustainability - What is the current financial strength of the institution? What does the future look like for Alliant International, and how is Alliant planning for that future?

b. Program Growth and Faculty Development - How is Alliant supporting academic excellence and fostering accountability, especially as it changes delivery models and seeks to improve student performance?

c. Student Success - How has Alliant continued to advance student success given its various student populations? In what ways has the institution improved, and what plans are in place so that more students are successful?

d. Continuous Improvement - To what extent are Alliant’s quality improvement efforts collaborative, iterative, and evidence-based? What plans does Alliant have to increase its capabilities for increased effectiveness?

e. Governance - How does the organization exercise effective and independent oversight and decision-making?

The Lines of Inquiry document from the evaluation team is at this link: Lines of Inquiry

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