Alliant International University
WSCUC Reaffirmation 2019-20

Institutional Report


Institutional Report Narrative and Appendices

Alliant submitted the Institutional Report and supporting materials in September 2019. We encourage you to read the report, which consists of 8 components or chapters:

Component 1: Introduction to Alliant; Responses to Commission Actions

Component 2: Self-review Under the Standards; Compliance

Component 3: Degree Programs: Meaning, Quality and Integrity of Degrees

Component 4: Educational Quality: Student Learning, Core Competencies and Standard of Performance

Component 5: Student Success: Student Learning, Retention and Graduation

Component 6: Quality Assurance and Improvement: Program Review, Assessment; Use of Data and Evidence

Component 7: Sustainability and Financial Viability; Preparing for the Changing Higher Education Environment

Component 8: Conclusion

Please let us know if you have questions about any aspect of the Report.

The Alliant WSCUC Reaffirmation Steering Committee invites you to participate in our institutional preparation for the WSCUC process:


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Questions? Reach out to: Tracy Heller, PhD Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Patty Mullen Associate Provost for Institutional Research WSCUC information mailbox

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